Grape Adventure – Wine Basics

Before delving into the vast territory of wines there is some basic information to learn and review about wines and winemaking.

Your wine experience, whether in a retail shop or a restaurant, should be easy and fun — not frustrating. The information that follows will help you build and reinforce the foundation of your wine knowledge.

These basics, along with an adventurous spirit, are the only prerequisites for an exciting exploration into the wine world.

What is Wine? 

Wine is the fermented juice of grapes (and other fruits). Fermentation is the process by which the grape juice turns into wine. The simple formula is:

Sugar + Yeast = Alcohol + Carbon Dioxide (CO2

Sugar is naturally present in the ripe grape. Yeast also occurs naturally, as the white bloom on the grape skin.

Three Major Types of Wine:

Table Wine: approximately 8-15 percent alcohol

Sparkling Wine: approximately 8-12 percent alcohol plus CO2

Fortified Wine: approximately 17-22 percent alcohol

All wine fits into at least one of these categories.

I am not gonna bombard you with all the information and that might scare you away forever. Remember, In Grape Adventure, you are going to have fun! All these basic information will equip you in your wine journey along the way.

Congratulations! your grape adventure has been getting started. Are you ready to ignite? lol


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