Grape Adventurers Upcoming Event

Hey! Dear Grape Adventurers

Here is an announcement for our upcoming event in Hsinchu, Taiwan on 03/11/2013. Hosted by WIND.

We are going to have some causal chats and tastings about wine, most importantly — We are going to have some fun in discovering the wine world! It is open to anyone above 18 years old and it is for FREE, if you know little about wine, it’s totally fine! I am going to walk you through the basic information and tasting skills, so have NO worries! Just prepare to have a really enjoyable time with us during our event. In Grape Adventure, we respect every single wine lover’s opinion about their own palate, and our goal is to help YOU find out what is the best wine for YOU!

My goal is to bring all Grape Adventurers values, i want to make sure each of Grape Adventurer walk out the door with some knowledge and confidence about how to order and taste wines and feel greater about our lives and ourselves!

So, don’t miss this chance! Please come and join us for FREE!

Register NOW to secure your seats!


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