Drinking Vs Tasting Wines?

To many people, tasting wine means taking a sip and swallowing immediately. this is not “tasting” but “drinking” literally.

Proper tasting, however, is done more slowly, with your taste buds. You have taste buds all over your mouth. When tasting wine, be aware of the most important sensations of tastes. Pay attention to where these sensations of taste and your personal thresholds to those tastes. Pay attention to where these sensations occur on your tongue and in your mouth.

In Grape Adventure World, tasting wine is no big deal, it’s not rocket science. But by paying attention to every sensations of the tastes, you are one step closer to appreciate wine, food, people and life…

You can read all the books written on wine to become more knowledgeable on the subject, but it is in the tasting of wines that you truly enhance your understanding. Below are the necessary steps for tasting wine. Follow them with a glass of wine in hand!

Wine tasting can be broken down into five basic steps: Color, Swirl, Smell, Taste, and Savor.

The human element of smell and taste:

Bouquet is the total smell of the wine.

Aroma is the smell of the grapes.

The “nose” of a wine is a word that wine tasters use to describe the bouquet and aroma of the wine.

The average person has five thousand taste buds.

Other sensations of wine include numbing, tingling, drying, cooling, warmth, and coating. We are going to break this into 5 sections, and will discuss respectively in the following five posts.

Grape Adventurers, Are you ready to dive into the wine world?


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