Upcoming event in Taiwan! Don’t miss it!

Dear Grape Adventurers!

03/11/2013 @2.00pm We are going to taste some awesome wines, and meet some awesome people in Taiwan!

If you happen to be free in Taiwan, welcome to join us, click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oqgmec4BysFrVu4uNyqKrYQUbVlP9E-XtJCMEy_Vjig/viewform to sign up NOW.

Location Map: https://t1.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net/tiles/r132123122200321?g=1896&mkt=en-us&lbl=l1&stl=fb&shading=hill&n=z&key=AkF0mEyG789RQA6CcLimWZMzrDNF6MNSwRJOmNWb9gK_JGiwOBeMoQUoY1MFqksg


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