Twelve Truths Wine Pros Know

-A systematic approach to tasting is critical to understanding wine and being able to remember what you tasted.

-Perceptions of a wine can be skewed by outside influences as innocent as eating a bag of M&M’s.

-The first sip is not always reliable.

-At least 80 percent of taste is smell.

-Swirling the wine in the glass helps you smell and therefore taste better.

-You continue to smell a wine once it is in your mouth.

-Light, medium, and full-bodied wines feel in the mouth like skim milk, whole milk, and half-and-half, respectively.

-A full body is no guarantee of an intense flavour.

-To get the total impact of flavour, you must hold the wine in your mouth for a few seconds. 

-The world’s best wines all have long finishes.

-White wines get darker in colour as they get older.


Red wines get lighter as they get older.


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