Great Wines Don’t Come From Just Anywhere

The earth has her own erogenous zones- a few places of harmonic convergence, where every facet of the vineyard and every nuance of the grape fit together like chromosomes on a DNA helix. In these rare places, grapes and ground are transformed into thrilling wine.

Vit, the Latin root of the word viticulture, is also the source of vita- Life itself.

The simple reality of viticulture is that there are very few mono dimensional rules. Any given factor can be positive or negative, depending on the context. 

A distinction must also be made here between soil and terroir. Though the two are often used interchangeably, soil is just one aspect of terroir. This French word means the total impact of any given site- soil, slope, orientation to the sun, and elevation, plus every nuance of climate including rainfall, wind velocity, frequency of fog, cumulative hours of sunshine, average high temperature, average low temperature, and so forth. There is no single word in English that means quite the same thing. Generally viticulturists believe that soil indirectly bestows flavour (and relative quality) only insofar as it is one of the voices in the chorus of terroir.



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