Does glass really matter?

Can a simple glass make a wine smell and taste better or worse? The world’s top winemakers- from Bordeaux to the Napa Valley to Vienna- are convinced that it can. They are equally convinced that the wineglasses of choice are Riedel (rhymes with needles).

A tenth generation Austrian firm, Riedel is considered one of the finest crystal works companies in the world. The firm’s wineglasses are not simply beautiful but actually engineered so that certain components in the wine are emphasised on the tongued, thereby bringing out the best in the wine’s flavour. Skeptics remain so only until they experience the revelatory Riedel glass test in which the same wine is tasted from a standard glass and a Riedel glass. Not only do many leading winemakers use Riedel glasses for their tastings, but the glasses are increasingly found in the most expensive restaurants in Paris, London, and Rome.

Not so in Austria. There, it’s impossible to find a winery or restaurant (no matter how humble) that does use Riedel Glasses.



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