Colours of Wine

Well, believe it or not, there is something interesting about wine colour here.

The best way to get an idea of the colour of the wine is to hold the glass of wine in front of a white background, such as a napkin or tablecloth.

Colour tells you a lot about the wine. In case of white wine, a darker (or richer) colour may tell you the wine is order, because white wine gains colour with age. Or it may indicate the wine was aged in wood, which also adds colour. As a general rule, I say that if you can see through a red wine, it’s ready to drink.

The colour of both red and white wines is also influenced by the grape variety. For whites, chardonnay usually gives a deeper colour than does Sauvignon Blanc. For red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon is usually darker than, say, Pinot Noir.

When teaching about wine, I always begin by pouring a glass of wine and asking what colour the wine is. It’s not unusual to hear some describe the wine as pale yellow green; others call it gold. Everyone begins with the same wine, but colour perceptions vary. There are no right or wrong answers, because perception is subjective.

So, Grape Adventurers, hope you get better knowledge of wine after this post. i will post another four steps of tasting wines in the following few days.



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