Aroma Wheel


Aroma wheel, graphical representation of tasting terms used for arms, devised at the university of California at Davis by Ann C Noble and others in the early 1980s. Her research into sensory evaluation of wine had indicated that there was no general agreement either on terminology or on its application. The aroma wheel was developed to provide a standardised lexicon which can be used widely to describe wine aroma in non-judgemental terms, grouping specific terms which can be defined to provide a basis for communication. In its attempt at clarification and categorisation it is used by professionals and provides a good basis on which tasting terms for aroma can be taught to novices, even if with experience, most individuals tend to develop their own terms, which may be just as precise and descriptive. The aroma wheel does not include terms which describe the physical dimensions of a wine (such as full bodied or tart)

The extensive use of the wine aroma wheel has led to the development of an analogous mouthfeel wheel to describe the texture and mouthfeel, sensations of red wines.

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