2015-my summary of wine learning

2015 is going to pass by, like any other past years in our lives.

looking back, i have spent most of this year studying or tasting wine: i passed the exams of WSET Level 2 and continued Level 3 exam in December.

I have to say i have not regretted at all to sacrifice my casual time in studying the wine maps and memorising the name of grape varieties. What i have learned is enormous and i have decided to go even further to explore the wine world.

it is funny how i thought learning about wine in the very beginning: i thought it’s about swirling the wine glasses and sharing with others whether or not i like the wine… But truth is: no one in the serious business of wine world will jumped into conclusion rudely without lots of knowledge about the region, the terrior, the winemaker, the grape…


Just like any other things in life, nothing is so easy to accomplish, and if you ever dive into any field, there are so much to learn and so much fun alongside while you explore the journey. I’ve got a chance to dreaming about travelling around vineyards around the world, by knowing beforehand the history and culture related, by understanding why they choose to plant in this way or make wine in that way. by knowing their climate and altitude , and how they fight with the natural disasters and mitigate the risk of sunburn, flood, hail, diseases, phylloxera…

it came up to me that we human beings are such a clever creature who invent this delicious drink 6000 years ago and manage to hand the culture down by generations. on the other hand, i realised that our mother nature has always give us just enough set-backs and know we have to respect her, and all different types of speciality in nature nurtures the wine to be himself/ herself- some are muscular and some are elegant and soft. each of them have their own characteristics and just like us, we are proud of who we are individually and i am also proud of all the beautiful bottles as how they are and all of us are universally unique!

i would like to give thanks to this year 2015, to all the lovely people around me and to all the fantastic wines i have tasted!

Cheers to our beautiful lives!