I am going for Medoc Marathon in September 2016! Seriously training myself at the moment, Running the marathon involves much more than endurance and a good pair of sneakers.  I am so excited to embrace this challenge in my life, and what’s more, to embrace all the beautiful chateaux that comes along the way!


Le Marathon du Medoc- An annual race in France, which calls itself the world’s longest marathon, is attempting to ease runners pain by offering them gourmet food and wine on the way to the finish line.

More than 30 châteaux, 50 music bands, 23 wine tastings plus some delicacies such as oysters, foie gras, entrecôte… Yes it is unique in the world, soooo French and so much worth a try!  


It takes place around Pauillac near Bordeaux on 10 September – sees runners dress up in Carnival-themed outfits to run the 26-mile (42.2km) circuit. Along the way they can tuck into a banquet of French delicacies from oysters to ice cream, washed down with glasses of fine wine.

Participants get a rather generous six-and-a-half hours to complete the race, allowing time for pit stops at various chateaux lining the route. The hardest part for the runners, may be to stay on a straight path. “Above all, I’m going to take advantage of the festivities,” runner 44-year-old Bernard tells regional paper La Depeche du Midi.



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